What is a Zoned Bro? He’s a straight guy that will let you get him off, but will focus on porn or close his eyes and focus on his girlfriend, ignoring you, while you perform the act.

When I started filming quickly learned that telling these guys to get in the zone and think about hot chicks, their girlfriend, favorite porn, etc. greatly improved their ability to stay hard, and that’s how ZonedBros.com was formed!

ZonedBros.com is a behind the scenes look at how I’ve gotten straight guys to model nude on film, and be edged by another guy until he cums.

I’ve always had a thing for straight guys and I enjoy filming them being edged. It’s not easy getting straight guys to be filmed by another guy, let alone touched by one too!

In these videos you’ll see how I coach the guys by telling them what’s next in the shoot, how long this part of the scene will last, what’s coming next, small talk to make them comfortable etc., but most importantly you’ll see straight guys allowing another guy to touch them intimately for the first time, and edge them until they can’t hold it any longer and cum hard!

I like to slowly move the camera up the straight guys body, film him being caressed, slowly edged, and in the end, cumming. I like to really enjoy this time with them, and document it well, as it’s likely to be the last time they’ll let me, or any other guy, do this.

We hope you enjoy watching these men get worshiped and edged until the cum, and thank you for your support!